The Upcoming Twitter Update Will Make It Easier to Delete DMs


Direct Messages are important part of Twitter. If you’re a Twitter power user, you should know that deleting DMs is not the simplest thing to do. Twitter is available on all mobile platforms as well, but it’s not easier on most of them.

However, things will change in the near future. Recently, the folks at Twitter announced the company is working on an update which will roll out in the next few weeks, and will make it easier to delete and access direct messages across web and mobile apps.

Over the next few weeks, we’re rolling out an update that makes deleting DMs more consistent across web and mobile. We’re also making an update to the Twitter iPhone and Android apps that will allow you to access your entire DM history.

In a follow up tweet, the company also mentioned that an update will be rolled out for the iPhone and Android apps, which will give users the ability to access their entire DM history on their devices.

These are some decent additions to the app, and will definitely improve the overall user experience for the app. If you’re a regular Twitter user, what do you think about these new features? We’ll update you as soon as the update is released.

Source: Twitter

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