The Blacklist may be coming to Netflix


Netflix offers thousands of movies, TV shows and documentaries for on-demand streaming for a very cheap price. It regularly adds new titles to its lineup without much hype and without regular price hikes too. There are some shows that are hugely popular that are not available on Netflix though. Like The Blacklist.

Well, a report published today confirms the possibility that The Blacklist will soon stream on Netflix. NBC’s The Blacklist was immediately popular when the first season aired last year. The network had 12 million viewers per episode, so this show is a winner. The second season is coming in late September. Sadly it is not available on any online streaming service though. Hard to imagine, but some shows take their time hitting the online streaming world. That may be about to change. Deadline is reporting that a deal has been struck between Netflix and NBC which will give Netflix exclusive online streaming rights. According to the report Netflix will be paying $2 million per episode to Sony Pictures TV who produces and distributes the show. I believe that this is the highest that Netflix, or any other online streaming service has paid for streaming rights. You have to give the people what they want and sometimes it will cost you.

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