Microsoft Rumored To Kill Off Surface Tablets


Microsoft recently launched their new Surface Pro 3 tablet, and we heard a report recently that the company was getting ready to launch two more tablets, the Surface 3 and the Surface Mini.

Now according to a recent report, Microsoft may be looking to kill off their range of Surface tablets, due to weak sales of the new Surface Pro 3 tablet.

Lacking a sufficient number of distribution partners, plus high prices, the first- and second-generation Surface tablets are estimated to have created losses of about US$1.7 billion, the sources noted.

Seeing large-size smartphones impacting tablet demand, the sources are concerned about upcoming demand for the Surface Pro 3.

With the factors above, the sources believe sales of the Surface Pro 3 are unlikely to surpass one million units, adding that Microsoft is also not very aggressive about development of a next-generation Surface and is likely to terminate the product line.

Of course this is just a rumor at the moment, it would be surprising to see Microsoft kill off their Surface tablets, although this is something they did in the past with their Zune when it failed to take on the Apple iPod.

Source Digitimes, BGR

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