Instagram readying possible Snapchat competitor

instaappWe have heard rumors before about Instagram building a Snapchat competitor. The last time the rumors were flying, Instagram was introducing its direct group messaging feature. Now, we are hearing the rumors are once again, because Instagram accidentally outed a new feature that they call Bolt. So naturally, the word on the street is that Instagram is readying Bolt, a possible Snapchat competitor. Even if it is too soon to know that for sure. A few users have been seeing a banner ad inside Instagram for Bolt, which is labeled as “one tap photo messaging”. The banner has a link that points to a nonexistent Google Play Store listing. So, obviously Bolt will be a separate app from Instagram, but beyond that we really can’t say right now what the app will be. As I said, the buzz is that it will be a Snapchat competitor. However that may just be wishful thinking.

Some are even speculating that the Bolt listing might not be a real app, but that Facebook might simply be testing banner ads with install links to be placed inside Instagram. Bottom line? We may be getting a new app…Or Facebook might be testing out ways to monetize Instagram. Or it could be something else. We will let you know when we know.

[via Phone Arena]

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