Cyborg Unplug Kicks Devices off Your Network Automatically


Some people don’t think much about their privacy when it comes to devices that require WiFi connectivity like cameras or recording devices. Other folks take privacy very seriously and if you fall into that latter category, you may like the Cyborg Unplug device. Cyborg Unplug is a gadget that you plug into a wall outlet and it sniffs wireless networks around you for anything that might violate your privacy.

That means anything from WiFi cameras and voice recorders to Google Glass wearables. When the Cyborg device finds one of these potential privacy violators, it sends out “de-authentication” signals to knock the device off the local network. The device was presumably made to work on networks you own in the home or office.

However, it will work for devices on any network, even if you don’t own that network. That means you can walk into a club, plug the device in and potentially knock any recording devices off that network as well. That aspect of Cyborg Unplug may not be legal in all areas. The device will launch soon and sell for between $50 and $100 depending on the model chosen.

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