Cortana actually predicted the World Cup results


Can you believe that Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant is turning out to be a true oracle? At least when it comes to predicting the results of this year’s World Cup. While Microsoft continues to work on rolling out their voice assistant service across the globe, they are wowing people with some predictive results.

Some Windows Phone 8.1 users have asked Cortana who would win the World Cup matches, and she has proven to be super accurate in the outcome of all matches since the last update. That is pretty impressive. Coincidence or is she a true seer? We have no idea what kind of witchcraft Microsoft is using, but it certainly seems to work. The success has been attributed to the Bing predictions engine, which has been used before to determine the eventual winner and loser in events like American Idol and Dancing With the Stars. So I guess there is no witchcraft, just algorithms.

It is still very impressive. If wonder if Cortana will be able to keep her accurate predictions going and if not, when she will get it wrong. I also wonder how many people are putting money on teams that Cortana likes. That could be lucrative.

Source Ubergizmo

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