Xbox One is gaining momentum after price cut

xbox-oneThe initial launch of the Xbox One had the next-gen console priced at $499. Definitely more expensive than the Sony PlayStation 4 which was priced at $399. It did come with the Kinect bundled, but not everyone wants a kinect. So many chose Sony over the Xbox One.

Bottom line, gamers couldn’t justify paying the extra $100 for an accessory they would barely use and didn’t want. Microsoft then re-released the console without a Kinect and priced it at $399. Seems like that was the right move, since sales of the console have increased. This news comes from a recent talk that was attended by the folks at TrustedReviews. During this talk, Harvey Eagle, Microsoft’s Xbox Marketing Director, confirmed that momentum of the Xbox One has seen an increase since the price cut.

It makes perfect sense. Just give the customer what they want at a good price and sell the rest separately. Some of us like our money to stretch further. Sony’s PlayStation 4 console has managed to beat out the Xbox One up to this point, in terms of sales, so maybe this will help to close the gap. Xbox One sales may start to catch up to the PlayStation 4 soon enough now. We will see.

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