Watch Dogs has 100 hours of gameplay

We now have a release date for Watch Dogs and that is May 27, so Ubisoft is starting to share more about what to expect from the game. Creative director Jonathan Morin has now confirmed how long we can expect to be playing the game for.

watch dogs longMorin was asked how big Watch Dogs is in terms of story, and how long it would take to complete. The figure is impressive compared to most games these days. Morin says that if you play through the story and combine it with a bit of free roaming you’re going to have an experience that lasts about 35 to 40 hours on average. But if you are a completist and want to achieve everything in Watch Dogs, you can expect around 100 hours. You will be very busy that’s for sure.

No wonder Watch Dogs didn’t hit its original release date last year. Plus they likely have several DLC packs planned for the game after launch, for more game time. This is great news for those who like a nice long game. Thank you Ubisoft.

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