Steam Machines Will Grow Linux Gaming 20-30 Fold Says Alienware

Steam Machines

After Alienware unveiled their latest Steam Machines range at the recent E3 games conference held last week in Los Angeles, Alienware Product Manager Marc Diana has this week revealed what could happened when the Steam Machine hardware is officially launched..

Explaining that once the Valve Steam Machines and their new SteamOS operating system are launched in the near future, you can probably expect to see an increase of between 20 to 30 fold in Linux gaming.

Valve has already shipping 300 of its Steam Machines to lucky beta testers and in an interview with the PCGamesN website, Diana explained that :

“There’s more games that are Linux-powered today than have ever been available in the market, and that continues to grow,”-“It’s projected that whenever SteamOS comes out, there’s going to be 700-plus titles on SteamOS that are OpenGL games.”

“Imagine how many people are gaming today on Linux, and how many people will be gaming once Steam Machine launches,”-“It’s going to be 20, 30 fold [growth]. Overnight.”

The Steam Machines platform has been developed by Valve and is a set of computer hardware that is capable of running their new SteamOS. Enabling users to choose the hardware that suits their needs and budgets rather than being restricted to one games console or another for processing power.

For more information on the new Steam Machines and SteamOS while they are still in their development stages, jump over to the Valve website for details. “A powerful new category of living-room hardware is on the horizon.”

Source: PCGamesN : PC Gamer

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