Pokemon trading card game coming to the Apple iPad

pokemon tcgWay back in 1999, Pokemon was super hot. Kids everywhere were going crazy trying to catch ‘em all. It has spawned RPG video games, the television cartoon, movies, toys, clothing and the trading card game. Yet, that former success has not been recaptured in the smartphone and tablet age. Although that could change very soon. This leaked photo shows a version of the trading card game for the Apple iPad. Pokemon fans should be ready to go nuts right about now. This weekend, the iPad version of the game was shown off at the World Pokemon Championship. There is a version of it already available for the desktop, but the game has not yet been offered on a phone or tablet. Nintendo clearly knows that tablets and phones are taking a bite out of their handheld market.

The 3DS is the 12th most popular piece of gaming hardware ever and there are still many original Pokemon players who would love to play this on their iPad rather than a 3DS or the desktop. Right now we don’t know when the game will be launched on the App Store, and how much it will cost. We only know that Pokemon fans will flock to it.

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