Flappy Bird now on…Apple II

flappy appleThe phenomenon that is Flappy Bird knows no bounds. I mean, we are still talking about it all these months later. This game was a runaway success soon after it was released. Ever since the original version was taken down, clone after clone has been made.

And not just for mobile devices but for things like smartwatches too. That is how crazy popular this game is. Of course it helps that it is so addictive too. But wait. Things get crazier. If you have an Apple II computer from 1977 collecting dust, you can now play Flappy Bird on it. A Flappy Bird clone is now available now for that old machine as well. It comes from developer Dagen Brock, who wanted one of the most iconic Apple computers to be able to play Flappy Bird. It took six weeks for him to develop and get it up and running. It has full 60FPS and all sound effects. Not bad for a computer that old. Not bad at all.

He created this port to be used on 5.25″ and 3.25″ floppies which is what this computer uses. There is also a web version so you can play online. Not everyone owns an old Apple II. Awesome!

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