Battlefield 3 will be free for download for a week


We have some good news for those who were hoping to get your hands on Battlefield 3, but just haven’t made the purchase yet. You will be happy to know that EA has announced that they will be making the game free for a whole week. Looks like your waiting to buy this title has paid off.

You will be able to download it this week and play it for free. According to EA, all you need to do is add the game to your Origin game library and you will be able to keep the game forever. That’s the best deal ever. Just don’t miss your chance. It is only valid for a week. EA has also announced that Plants vs. Zombies will also be free for download on both PC and Mac. This will work the same way. It doesn’t get any cheaper than free. You have until the 3rd of June to download and keep the game in your Origin library. Better get to it so you don’t miss this opportunity. It is well worth it since this is a very decent game, you can find out more information over at the EA website at the link below.

Source EA, Ubergizmo

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