Beats Music Annual Subscription Dropped To $100

Beats Music

Apple is obviously looking to cash in on all the press surrounding their purchase of Beats Music, as the annual subscription price of Beats Music has now been reduced from $120 per year to $100 per year.

As well as reducing the annual cost of Beats Music, the company has also increased the length of time of the free trial of the music streaming service.

Previously when you signed up for a free trial of Beats Music, you could use the service for free for seven days, this has now been extended to 14 days.

Apple has also assured users of the service that Beats Music is hear to stay on multiple platforms, and it will not be turned into an Apple only music streaming service.

At the moment Beats Music is available on Apple’s iOS devices, Google’s Android devices and also Microsoft’s Windows Phone devices, this will not change when Apple takes over the company.

Apple has purchased the Beats Electonics and Music companies in a deal with is worth $3 billion, the company’s co-founders, Jimmy Iovine will both take on new roles at Apple when the deal goes through.

Apple have said that they expected to finish their purchase of Beats by the end of the year, subject to regulators approval.

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