Apple iWatch Rumors Roundup

We have heard quite a few different Apple iWatch rumors over the last few weeks, the other day we heard that Apple have apparently started production of the iWatch.

Apple are said to be using system in package modules or SiPs for the iWatch, this means that a number integrated circuits are put together in an enclosed package, this method allows for smaller components which take up less space, inside the SiPS is a processor, memory and storage.

Apple iWatch Rumors

Apple are also rumored to have started shipping sapphire glass from their plant in the US to their manufacturing partners in China, we are expecting the iWatch to come with a sapphire glass display and we are also expecting this to be used in the new iPhone 6.

Apple have apparently partnered with Nike on the new iWatch, Nike have worked with Apple previously, and considering that Fitness tracking is to be featured heavily in the iWatch, we suspect Nike will be one of the companies to launch an iWatch app when the device is unveiled.

Apple iWatch Rumors

As yet we do not know much about the design of the iWatch, the device is said to come with some sort of flexible display, which is apparently being made by LG for Apple.

Apple are expected to release two versions of their smartwatch, and one of the Apple  iWatch rumors that we have heard quite a bit, is that there will be a different sized iWatch for men and women.

The iWatch for men is said to come with a 1.7 inch display, and the iWatch for women is said to come with a 1.3 inch display, this is something that other smartwatch manufacturers have yet to consider, as they have released unisex devices which are the same size.

Apple apparently approached a number of high end Swiss watchmakers in the past over the iWatch, although it would appear that the Swiss watchmakers didn’t want to help Apple out with the iWatch.

This would suggest that Apple are going for a more traditional design for the iWatch, and we suspect the device will look more like a normal wrist watch, than a gadget strapped to your wrist.

We are expecting the iWatch to launch in September, along with the new iPhone 6 and also Apple iOS 8, as soon as we get some more information on the device, we will let you guys know.

Image Credit Gabor Balogh

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