Google Glass Banned At Comic-Con 2014


We have heard that Google Glass has been banned at film theaters, and eating places, and now Comic-Con 2014 has banned using Google Glass throughout all screenings at Comic-Con.

Comic-Con kicked off yesterday, and the organizers introduced that folks couldn’t use Google Glass throughout any screenings, you possibly can see the official assertion under.

“You can’t put on Google Glasses throughout footage viewing in any program room,” the handbooks reads. “If your Google Glasses are prescription, please convey a unique pair of glasses to make use of throughout these occasions.”

This ought to hardly come as a shock, as video and audio recording gear haven’t been permit at Comic-Con screenings prior to now.

Individual cinemas within the D.R. have been reported to ban using Google’s Glass, and final month the UK cinemas put a blanket ban on the system which means that Google Glass can’t be utilized in any cinema anyplace within the UK.

Source Mashable

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