Android 4.4.3 for Galaxy S5 and Note 3 To Roll Out Very Soon (Rumor)

Samsung Galaxy S5

Android A.A.S has already rolled out for Nexus and Google Play model models, even the Android A.A.A. Previously, we heard a rumor that Samsung Galaxy S5 is all set to acquire the Android A.A.A exchange by the highest of this month, along with the Note A.

Now, in keeping with one different report, the Android A.A.A substitute for Galaxy S5 may roll out by the highest of this month. It seems the substitute is being examined by Samsung for SM-G900H and SM-G900F, which may roll out in June.

As for Samsung’s flagship phablet, the exchange is a little bit of away, and lists July as a result of the ETA for the exchange. Do observe that if June is listed as the availability date, it won’t attain all models on the first day, even all areas. It may take weeks for the exchange to roll out for all the models and areas, as a result of it’s a gradual course of.


Now coming over to the lifelike half. If you are taking an in depth check out the image above, there are a great deal of font irregularities, which signifies that any person tried to differ it, and is a bit blurry too. So, we’re not merely going to take it to be completely proper and would advocate clients to take it with a proverbial amount of salt.

It might probably be true, nevertheless we haven’t seen any affirmation from Samsung referring to any such substitute. Samsung will ship the most recent Android exchange for its two biggest models, nevertheless when? Well, that’s not acknowledged in the intervening time.

We will substitute you as shortly as additional information pops up, nevertheless until then, let’s hope its true.

Source: GSMArena

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